Easy Rangoli Designs Diwali 2021

Rangoli Designs Diwali 2021 : Easy & Simple Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2021 | Festival Rangoli Designs | Easy Deepavali Rangoli रंगोली डिजाइन | દિવાળી રંગોલી ડીઝાઇન ૨૦૨૧

Rangoli, a prominent society craftsmanship, is made in homes amid favorable events crosswise over India. Known as Kolam in the south to Alpona in West Bengal, these vivid outlines are most mainstream amid noticeable celebrations.

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Hello everyone. Good Morning to all readers. Rangolis are nothing but handcrafted designs which has been curved out with love and sanctity. They mark the generosity of an auspicious occasion.


Diwali Rangoli, rangoli designs, and how to make a rangoli :

Rangoli is an integral part in the dazzling celebrations of Diwali. The age-old tradition is a fascinating art which requires a high amount of meticulousness, artistic sense and creativity. Read on to know more about it. Click here to refer this page to your friends and relations and include them in the joyous festivity.


Made with changed materials — from extraordinary rangoli powder to ground rice powder to blossoms and diyas, individuals crosswise over ages and communties some of the time invest hours endeavoring to make multifaceted examples before their home entryways.

Be that as it may, everybody can do with some motivation with regards to choosing the real plan of the rangoli, which is the reason we’ve brought 30 perfect outlines for reference. Presently, go get imaginative!. Diwali is never entire without a rangoli. The vivid bit of craftsmanship includes a bubbly energy.

The custom of making rangoli plans began hundreds of years back and once again the years the craftsmanship has seen a change. In spite of the fact that it is called by various names in various Indian states it is made with basic aim which is to bring good fortunes.

Prior, rice flour was utilized to make rangoli plans as it additionally goes about as a wellspring of nourishment for creepy crawlies and winged animals. Today, rangoli plans are made utilizing hued rice, dry flour, shaded rice, drifting diyas, hued sand, bloom petals and a burst of hues.

Not just Diwali, rangolis are made amid all the religious events. On the event of Diwali we convey to you a portion of the flawless rangoli examples and plans to attempt this Diwali.

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Rangoli’ is a Sanskrit word which means a creative expression of art through the use of color.The word rangoli may also have come from “rang” (color) + “aavalli” (row), which means row of colors, or from rang+avalli, which means creepers of colors. Basically, Rangoli is the art of drawing images and motifs on the floor and walls of one’s home using different color powders. Designed with a beautiful combination of various colors, the Rangoli images create an enchanting piece of art. Basically a floor painting, a rangoli image stands for a sign of welcome. The main purpose of making rangolis in diwali is to welcome Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, to individual homes apart from warding off the evil eye. The art of rangoli is known by different names in different regions such as “Rangoli” in Maharashtra, Alpana (in Bengal), and Kolam (in South India). Although Rangoli has its origins in Maharashtra, today it is practiced everywhere. One of the most popular arts among Indian women, rangoli is an age old custom of India, and practiced all over the country.

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Download Diwali Rangoli Design pdf Book : Top 100+ # Rangoli Designs Ideas, Images, Photos, Easy Freehand Patterns for Diwali 2021 & New Year 2022

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